The localisation of your content is important to ensure you connect with your chosen audience. The most common example of this I have seen is US headquartered businesses opening operations in Europe. The two compelling reasons to do this are to increase revenue and help establish your brand for future purposes. 

When Paramount released Transformers: Age of Extinction in China they overtook regional hits and the likes of Avatar. There are many reasons attributing to the performance of Transformers (being a great movie*) however the most telling was the planned localisation of the film. This included the cast by including popular actress Li Bingbing and heartthrob Han Geng, product placement for everything from Chinese milk and PCs to Red Bull and authoritarian styles of government.

In comparison, Star Wars is struggling to compete. Their efforts have been PR related through sending storm troopers to the Great Wall of China for a photo opportunity and making a music video called “The Force Inside” with Lu Han, a performer sometimes called “the Justin Bieberof China”. 

Localising content can be a time consuming task, however, by aligning your sales strategy/expectation with the marketing team and using some of the great tools on offer, such as a COS, you can see results similar to those demonstrated by Paramount for your own business.

*For better movie reviews I suggest Lizzy's blog