An interesting post by Jordan Con suggesting these five metrics for measuring success:

  • Email open rate
  • Social shares
  • Exit rate
  • Lead conversion rate
  • Pipeline and revenue driven

I do have a reservation, which is that placing social shares above clicks is probably not the cleverest move. It's no secret that many people share without clicking through content, particularly on networks like Twitter. Likewise, open rates on an email are not necessarily indicative of engagement. People can and will accidentally open emails they don't intend to. Whether they actually click through to your website should surely be a greater measure of a piece of content's success?

Much as I love Friday Night Lights, I'm not sure the American Football analogy is particularly useful here either. As we all know, content marketing is a longer game. It'd be wonderful if the funnel went something like: read article -> buy product -> BOOM. Sometimes, that's the case, but I think the comparison will dishearten many marketers and business owners if their content doesn't yield immediate results. What we should be emphasizing is the importance of nurturing our prospective and current clients with content that is relevant to them over a long period of time.