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60% of B2B content remains unused

Some pretty shocking figures from Forbes demonstrate that while B2B companies are getting better at creating content, these pieces of content don't always see the light or are not distributed effectively. 

John Hall's conclusions that you need to a) educate your employees about content marketing and b) motivate them to get involved really strikes a chord. That's exactly what Passle aims to do: give your experts the right tools and training to not only create content, but share it with the world!

It's time to stop hiding your content under a bushel.

Content marketing is a becoming more of a priority for companies across every industry. But would it surprise you to learn that, according to the Content Marketing Institute, only 30 percent of B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at it? What about that between 60 and 70 percent of content created by marketing departments at B2B companies sits unused? While these two figures may not be directly correlated, they should make you very uncomfortable. After all, a marketing department that doesn’t use the content it worked so hard to produce is sitting on an empty investment, like a custom-built dream home you and your family will never live in. Fortunately, these data also represent an opportunity. Ineffective content marketing is not a supply problem; it’s a strategy problem.


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