Since December I have met and talked with a lot of recruiters and head hunters.  I hear the same message again and again - 'It's no longer good enough to do what we always did. We have to actively engage online with clients and candidates. We have to be marketeers'. This post by Antonio Giugno - Digital Talent Aquisition Specialist at Accenture - says exactly that.

It is a challenge for recruiters to change their behaviour and I have seen some succeed and some fail. Nearly always - and not surprisingly - it's the leadership that counts. If you are a recruiter you'd better look good online  as that is where you are getting checked out. If you look like every other recruiter, bar the logo and the web address, you are doing it wrong.   

For what it is worth my advice is the same as Antonio's - ensure you are producing regular consumable, expert-led content. Importantly, ensure your boss understands you are not 'mucking about on social media' but enhancing both the brand of the organisation and of you. It's not a sprint but a marathon and in an industry used to short term targets that is a challenge. The good news is that we have seen the approach succeed again and again.