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Behind Enemy Lines - Tracking your Competitors' Online Performance

Winning, or at least participating in the digital game has become a growing endeavour for firms across most industries. 

Astoundingly, there are 40,000 Google searches queried every second. 

This demonstrates that showing your what you know online is a scalable channel for differentiating from competitors. 

Understanding in detail not only the performance of your brand's online presence, but also that of your competitors, are both core elements toward executing a successful digital strategy. 

Kissmetrics - the company that provide marketing analytics and conversion optimisation solutions - have provided a breakdown of the top 25 tools and gadgets to help spy on your competitors.

Although the topic has connotations of 'corporate espionage', the article provides a great overview of the different channels whereby companies can obtain online insights. From Google Alerts which allows you to browse keywords on the web, to SpyFu which enables the monitoring of competitors' AdWord usage, one can relatively quickly attain a comprehensive breakdown of the tools available.

At this time, when search is so important and detailed, and the Internet has grown so extensively, you have tons of different factors to consider when spying on your competition. This is where marketing tools come into play. In many cases, tools that help you monitor your own web performance also can help you gather data on your competition. So, you might be using some of these tools already, without using the features that help you evaluate your competitors. Here are some of the best tools out there: Read More...


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