Below is a great article by Josh Hayman which demonstrates that going after the next shiny topic isn't necessarily what your audience wants. 

Essentially it boils down to listening to the metrics that matter to your business. If all you want is traffic, then clickbait is fine, but to convert that traffic into leads you're going to need to provide bread and butter.

The content that's proved the most successful on this blog has often been inspired by real-life questions and concerns from our clients. This is exactly what Hayman advocates: take time to listen to the questions people are asking.

The more expert you become in a particular field the easier it is to forget that what you take for granted other people don't. That's a great starting point for your next content marketing strategy: 

  • what thorny aspect of your business could you clarify? 
  • what assumptions do people make about your job?
  • which question do you keep getting asked?
  • what search terms turn up in your statistics time and time again, and are you answering those questions?