I was as angry as the other 120k people who signed a petition this week against the cancellation of recipes from the BBC website (mainly because they have one of the best Canadian pancake recipes*).

Whilst I will not pretend to be a culinary expert and having even spent a bit of time with Nigella Lawson and a flat full of cookery books I am only ever motivated to cook through online content. Probably a good reflection of my demographic. 

120k person petition is actually very small in comparison to the total 23bn views of online cooking content in 2015 (170% rise from 2014). BBC doesn’t actually rank in the top 10 most popular food sites.

The leading channels to consume uploaded content include YouTube (11bn), Facebook (9.3bn) and Vine (2bn) whilst the leading media groups include BuzzFeed (Tasty), Vice (Munchies) and…..Playboy! The majority of these groups are keeping the content digital and would probably struggle to move in the opposite direction to Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson by producing a book due to authenticity.

One individual, The Body Coach, has managed to execute the entire strategy from his Surbitan Flat! Joe Wicks recently launched in the US (and took up a proportion of my day watching his Snapchat). His combination of HIIT video content, tailored recipe plans, motivational digital content and importantly LeanIn15 Meals that consume 15 seconds of your browsing across Facebook and Instagram have helped to launch a book that obliterated Delia Smiths’ long lasting Christmas record. 

Joe has managed to tap into the #attentionweb. Whether by design he has recognised that content needs to be digestible to capture the audience and drive a behaviour. 1 share on Facebook now equates to 0.8 clicks whereas this used to be in the region of 14. This means you require a higher volume of shares to ensure a high conversion and with only requiring 15 seconds of my time his pithy, entertaining content has certainly grabbed my attention. He is also just a very warming chap. 

Joe’s strategy is a very good example of a well executed content strategy utilising all forms of content and ensuring a balance across his hero, hub and hygiene elements. It will be interesting to see the next move by these players and whether it is delivered meal kits. 

*you can find the recipe here.