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Influencer marketing in professional services

Anyone in marketing roles, or indeed with teenage children, will be familiar with Youtube vloggers (video bloggers) such as Zoella, Alfie Deyes and AmazingPhil.  

They have millions of subscribers and are used by brand owners as ambassadors to promote a wide range of products. 

Influencer marketing extends across all social media, with brands spending a couple of hundred pounds on a promoted tweet, to tens of thousands for a multi-channel push. 

How can professional services firms use influencer marketing?

It would be stupid of me to suggest a law or accountancy firm recruit the likes of AmazingPhil - as amazing as he is, his subscribers simply wouldn't care. 

But, your clients - perhaps the chief exec of a listed company, or the HR director of a financial services provider, or the entrepreneur behind a tech start-up - well they carry influence. 

Use the client relationships you have to create an influencer campaign.  

And I don't mean the dry as dust written case studies, heavy on text and light on images. 

 Invest in well crafted, scripted and edited video, with regular updates.   That could be amazing.

The rapid growth of social media has brought with it a new breed of communication that has the ability to connect with consumers in a more natural way – all the more important as people become increasingly turned off by pushy forms of advertising. But influencer marketing, as it has become known, is evolving as brands continue to hone their strategy and develop new ways of working with bloggers and vloggers that generates the cut-through they need, while supporting the values of the influencer.


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