When it comes to differentiating your business from the other firms in your space there is one factor that no other can replicate... your people! 

Encouraging your individuals to disseminate their knowledge online can be immensely powerful to leverage as part of your brand. Having a plethora of authentic, expert-led content can help position you as the "go-to" firm when it comes to each of the fields in which you specialise. 

As Michael Sissons, consultant employment solicitor at Cubism Law, explains you want your employees speaking knowledgeably online, adding value within these communities; however, there is the danger that letting loose with no restrictions can have a damaging impact on your brand. The Baker Small Saga from earlier this year springs to mind.

Setting a clear editorial policy and educating your employees will not only help from a perspective of writing on-brand content, but also be preventative when it comes to clarifying what should not be included. Defining the following points will help you build out your content strategy and set a policy that considers your environment and any sensitive issues: 

1. Who we are

2. Who is our target audience

3. What are we going to talk about - what is the focus of our content? 

4. What should not be included? (What is confidential? Any regulatory issues?)

5. How to measure success and what does this look like?