I love reading the thoughts of Professor Mark Ritson and when he asked this week if content marketing is a load of bollocks I had to have a read of his article. 

The thing is I completely agree with him on his core point - that content marketing is nothing new.  He is entirely right.  Folk have been sharing what they know to lead you onto being interested in what they do forever.

What I am excited about is the shift in power technology has enabled.  No longer is it just the marketing team who get to exclusively communicate.  Now those at the coal face - the experts in their fields - can communicate directly with their community (however small). I think this is particularly exciting in B2B space where mostly it is a person selling to another person rather than a firm selling to the masses. 

In my mind Mark's article is content marketing.  His videos on YouTube are content marketing.  His conference presentations are content marketing.   Mark is sharing his opionions and thoughts which will help further enhance his status as an expert in his field.  In turn I am sure that he has a way to monetise this through selling consulting services as well as enhance his academic reputation.  

COntent marketing uses all forms of communications - written posts, articles, blogs, videos, white papers and of course conference speeches.  By creating and sharing this content you have the ability to regularly keep in touch with your community of clients and prospects as well as grow that community.  Content creation helps you be 'front of mind' with those potential buyers when they are looking to purchase whatever it is you sell.  It's just a little less direct than saying 'buy my stuff'.   So no, Mark, Content Marketing is not a load of bollocks and yes it is not new.