Last week, Passle's first event, the B2B Content Marketing Toolkit was launched. As readers of this blog know, I was keen to make it as introvert-friendly as possible. My realisation during the event, is that what's key is to give people different ways to interact with the same event. While some will naturally be drawn to strangers, others might need an excuse to breach conversation (or in fact, a way out of much interaction).

One way we did this was to give out booklets to every attendee and challenge them to visit each stall - getting a stamp from each as proof of success. The first five to collect them all would win a bottle of champagne. A few people were very competitive about this but, crucially, I did notice them taking the time to have valuable conversations with the exhibitors. The challenge was, in many ways, a good excuse for them to be able to approach each stall.

Another tactic was to make the most of Glisser, one of our exhibitors who also provided slides at the event. Glisser is the antidote to 'death by powerpoint', and one of the things it allows is the creation of interactive polls during the event. All anyone has to do to participate is enter the URL in their phone and vote (results in the image below). It also allows attendees to ask questions during the event. For anyone who needs to take a quick break from networking, it's a great excuse to do so. And for event organisers you get some interesting data as a side-effect.