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Which social media network should my business prioritise?

This is a question I often get asked, and I’m sure many people wish there was one straightforward answer. With B2B companies, the Big Three are LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. 

LinkedIn source).  In short, if your target audience includes youngish professionals, you can speak to them here. Furthermore, LinkedIn groups are great at really focusing on your more niche audiences.

is the professional network and a natural fit for many B2B companies. 32% of users are in the 30-49 years old age group, and, although it has a reputation as a jobseeking site, those currently employed are 3 times more likely to use it (

YouTube source). This network is still largely underused by B2B companies so you can really stand out on here.

keeps on rising, as brands put more effort into their video content strategy. It’s also the second largest online search engine. Use it to talk about your niche topics, and provide solutions for your audience, to grow yourself a focused community. The largest demographic is a little younger than LinkedIn, at 25-34 years old (


’s real-time and open access nature makes it very attractive to customers. They can use it to check how satisfied your current clients are, and research your output, including how good you are at responding to questions. If using Twitter you have to make sure that someone is able to monitor the account regularly, as users expect fast responses. 37% of Twitter users are in the 18-29 years old bracket, followed by 25% in the 30-49 years old bracket (

However, while these three networks offer differently attractive opportunities for your business, you are under no obligation to restrict yourself to one, or all, of these. In fact, I’d recommend experimenting, depending on your resources, with more ‘unlikely’ social media networks, such as Snap, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. 

Depending on your target audience, these could be the networks they are most engaged on during their downtime. The lack of competition in your industry on these more ‘B2C’ networks could help you get noticed too.


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