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5 Content Marketing Trends to Avoid

Attached are the slides from my talk yesterday - slightly modified to be readable on Slideshare, which generally requires thicker and bigger font!

The five tactics I tackled were:

  1. Ghostwriting. Consider user-generated or expert-led content instead.
  2. Unpersonalised. A personal touch goes a long way, but try not to be creepy.
  3. Sticking to one channel. Don't make assumptions about where your audience hangs out - you might be surprised!
  4. Keywordfests. Write content for people, not search engines.
  5. It's not all about blogs. Recycle your content into other formats to extend its reach.

In fact I have applied this last point to my own talk, transforming it into a Slideshare, and now, a blog!

5 Content Marketing Trends to Avoid - Integrated Live Slides


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