When I asked a friend of mine who I'd not seen for a long while how things were going, he replied that he was now a "pillar of the local community". Having known him as a young man, I had to ask what kind of pillar, expecting him to say that he was the one that held the bar up. His reply was that he was "sadly much more Doric than Corinthian; fat around the middle and not much up top." 

When we discuss our marketing plans, we use the Hero Hub Hygiene content pyramid as a useful way to think about different content types but it's also an interesting model to apply when considering a marketing budget. In brief, the Hero content is the occasional and expensive content, The Hygiene the always-available brochure information like biographies and "about us"  while the Hub is the regular, up-to-date opinion pieces, the heartbeat of the marketing plan.

The shape of the pyramid as popularised by YouTube relates to the quantity of videos that might be created of each type. However, the cost of each piece of content rises as you move up towards the hero pieces. Which would suggest that there might be a squaring off of the pyramid into a square-sided block. More of a column.

It's an interesting way to think about your spend, should your business be an inverted pyramid, an hour-glass or a Doric pillar, like my friend?