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The four levels of thought leadership

Often when our brainy, busy clients first discuss blogging they will refer to a famous example in their particular field. So maybe Joe Pulizzi in marketing or Tomasz Tunguz in VC. 

The danger is that they are very likely discussing someone who is actually a professional communicator and not really a VC or an at-the-coal-face marketer. They are often writing and giving speeches and blogging, tweeting pretty much full-time and in that sense they are not very useful role-models for our users.

The diagram (and linked article) below has a rather nice way of looking at these issues for the domain experts.

Expert: someone who demonstrates their knowledge on a specific topic, creating new insights in their domain of expertise.  This is the “subject-matter expert” who often writes blog posts, is active on social media, and is regarded as an authority in the work place.


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