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The importance of having a deadline event.

Last week I registered for Reading Half Marathon. Having run this event for the last 4 years, I thought it's a good opportunity to benchmark my current fitness levels, also acknowledging I am far more likely to get out and train the necessary miles with a race booked in the calendar. 

Whilst I have been training, without a specific target to aim for it becomes easy to lose focus. Furthermore, measuring progress becomes problematic as in the absence of clear goals it is difficult to attain what success looks like. 

When working toward any objective/building KPIs the application of regular, real-life deadline events presents a time scale to ensure the desired activities are completed. When it comes to content creation, at Passle we use our weekly newsletter as our deadline event - prompting the team to fulfil their commitments on a weekly basis. Similarly to running, it is imperative to have measurable goals when it comes to your content creation and Tom Elgar helpfully delves into more detail on the topic of setting SMART goals for your content creators.  

David Kirk is also running Reading Half in support of Hope Against Cancer with a number of athletes from Reading Athletics Club - to hear more about their story, I have linked their JustGiving page here: Fundraising for Hope Against Cancer | Reading Half Marathon.


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