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User experience: best practice is a moving target

Great talk from James Saunders at On the Edge's Marketing within the Recruitment Sector event, on user experience.

He highlights that rather than doing a lighthouse change - aka a complete makeover of your website once every few years - you should be constantly tinkering and improving it. Think of your website as a platform, a moving organic thing, rather than a printed brochure.

He also convincingly showed that creatively designed websites don't always convert - simple and functional can be much more effective. The only way to know for sure of course is to keep on A/B testing to see which formats are working with your target audience.

Topic: Improving User Experience to Increase Web Site Performance Do you want a recruitment web site, or a recruitment marketing platform? Conversion Rate Optimisation: what is it and why should you be considering it Knowing what you need to measure to generate the outcomes that you want. An introduction to multi-variant testing and how to deliver independent web site testing cheaply and effectively. How to change the candidate experience depending on who the candidate is, where they’ve come from and how far they’re through the recruitment process.


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