With social selling being encouraged across all industries, I'm looking at 3 ways in which I can boost my efforts using Passle:

1. Passle an event that you have been to.

Did you go to an event recently, take a picture and tweet the presenter with something along the lines of "really insightful stuff"? The likely answer is yes. It works because we all thrive from feedback and praise. However, that tweet you sent has a shelf life. Soon it will slide off the end of your feed and become a distant memory. Instead, turn it into an authentic shareable piece of content using Passle. Tell your network why this presentation was great and what it means for them. Include the picture you took and pull in the tweets of others and make those insights last. Bonus points if you can do it during the event and point it towards your audience!

2. Passle from your prospect's content. Then thank them for it!

No longer is content marketing purely in the hands of the marketing department. The sales person holds the relationship, so they should be engaging with their prospects on social media. Find an article or video on your prospect's website, create your post, include related tweets from their company feed and then thank them for it.

Not only are you now present on all of their streams, you are creating a value exchange. You have offered them insight, hopefully they respond with their time.

3. Nurturing

The Passle Network has a wealth of content from subject matter experts across industries such as Law, Accountancy, Recruitment and IT. Perhaps your client is reviewing a subject and it's implications for tax. Why not send them an article on the same topic but looked at from a legal angle? You could also point them in the direction of one of Passle's channels - like InsTech. You are not only demonstrating your knowledge in that area, but you're willingness to help. No more pushy sales person - welcome trusted adviser!