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96% of website visitors are just researching - sell less, earn more

Quite a startling statistic from Kissmetrics which begs the question, if 96 of every 100 people coming to your website are seeking information rather than wanting to be sold to, why aren't more people actively engaging in creating content which is of real value?

This content supports the sales process further down the line by establishing credibility, engaging with your key prospects, nurturing those relationships and staying forefront of mind. 

The aim should be to provide value rather than just take money - the sales will come when you do the rest, because you are building trust; trust that what you say is the right thing to do. This means that further down the line when you do flog your product, what you say will really resonate.

According to a study by KISSmetrics, 96% of website visitors are just researching and don’t want to be contacted or begin a relationship. Website visitors come to learn, not to be “salesmanned.” They seek value, not an advertising message.


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