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"Start thinking of your content as more than marketing"

David Spark makes the point that the term "content marketing" is quite limiting, when you think of all the benefits it brings. He has gathered his favourite 10 business advantages of using content marketing, most of which don't involve marketing. If you need to persuade someone to get on board, you could do worse than show them this quick video!

Here is a summary of his top 10 reasons:

  1. Recruiting - show your corporate culture to attract talent
  2. Training - creating content is an education in itself, you learn more by teaching others
  3. Industry relations – inviting them to participate into your content is better than a sales pitch
  4. Philanthropy – people want to hear about a business’s social responsibility
  5. Employee retention – being proud of your company’s presence = being engaged
  6. Set industry trends - content is a low-risk way to develop product and gather feedback
  7. Profit centre - you can sell your content and drive revenue
  8. Reduce operating expenses - content is a one-time non-recurring cost
  9. Low-cost market research - every engagement you do is a form of research
  10. Your whole business is content - "you're a content company that happens to make a product" (Steve Kobsky, CrowdStrike)
The name "content marketing" is a misnomer because every aspect of the business can uncover benefits beyond the marketing department. Here's how. Read the full article here:


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