I’ve just finished watching the latest season of Better Call Saul.  It’s really good, I definitely recommend watching. 

For many outside of the States, the reference point for the typical American lawyer is a "Saul Goodman".  A morally-dubious, hyper-litigious, brushing their teeth in the back of their car type. Of course, I know that this isn’t the case, because I sell to law firms and talk to US legal professionals several times a week.

Today’s legal consumers are more intelligent, more discerning - they’re more likely to shop around and compare options when making purchasing decisions.  Legal experts need to learn to market themselves and their knowledge. UK solicitors could take a leaf out of the Americans’ books.  I’m not advocating they turn into the Texas Hawk but regularly demonstrating to your target market why you’re the "go-to" person in your practice area is essential.

The trick is to do this in a timely, accessible and authentic fashion. To deliver, from one overstretched professional to another, genuinely valuable content directly into their pocket.  The more personalised, the more powerful.