Paul de Lara (Oracle) shares the mindset of other industry communication experts such as Annabel Rake (Deloitte) and Martin Wells (KPMG) that B2B communications need to be focused on people and their specific emotions. After all, people buy from people. 

Executing this well clearly has a positive impact on your business since it strengthens relationships, increases cadence of deals and crucially, drives customer advocacy as you are perceived to be thinking about their business requirements. I have written before about how you can achieve this 'person to person' marketing at scale here

Moreover, reading this article on Think With Google regarding purchase habits, it is evident that this personal communication needs to come from all areas of your business. 

You can read the full research here, however, the key takeaway which endorses firm-wide employee advocacy and the demonstration of expertise from across your organisation is that buying decisions are influenced from across an entire organisation

While 64% of the C-suite have final sign off, so do almost a quarter (24%) of the non-C-suite. What's more, it's the latter that has the most influence; 81% of non-C-suiters have a say in purchase decisions.

In summary, the consumerisation of B2B marketing is about delivering highly relevant content on a consistent basis that answers the business needs your target audience have, on scale.