Forrester and Authentic Brand Index along with the endorsement of Dimension Data (NTT Group Company) all agree that an authentic brand moves the business forward. 

As the quote below says 'how do you get your customers to believe and trust you?'....'By being authentic yourself'. 

A fairly compelling statement and one we all understand as B2B professionals. 

In an ever increasing digital world with large volumes of content, nurturing conversations online is becoming harder and coupled with the need to be authentic, your view or voice must accompany any interaction. 

This is where Expert-to-Expert Marketing prevails. Enabling your employees with the expertise to regular showcase their knowledge with their direct audience (peers, clients and prospects) will act as the best possible vehicle to have your brand shared across the market. 

The effect of this will be a multiplier as your employees' networks will not only share themselves but begin to reference during other interactions (meetings, lunches, events, content etc)

In summary by taking this relatively easy step of ensuring your employees are authentic when communicating online your brand can potentially appeal to 70% of people overnight.