We often harness the inherent competitiveness of our authors to help with behavioural change. However, if the FT article below is right, insecurity is one of the strongest drivers in Professional Services. This may be one of the reasons that "imposter syndrome" is such an issue for busy professionals when creating online content.

If this resonates at all, this post about overcoming imposter syndrome is worth a read. I was particularly taken with:

"3. Focus on providing value.... The fastest way to get over feeling like a fraud is to genuinely try to help someone else."

This is a great piece of advice, to focus on trying to help a specific person. Not only will it help with Imposter Syndrome, if you can create a post that is of value to them, it'll likely be of value to others. 

That will make them feel that you have been helpful in some way and drive them to want to reciprocate.