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Thoughts On British People From A Kiwi Dual Citizen

Growing up in New Zealand and coming from an English family I never understood the stereotype of British people as passionless or boring.

I was surrounded by vibrant, engaging, hilarious British people constantly. Coming from possibly the most stoic country in the world I could never see British people as emotionless or stuffy.

The British person I think is passionate in a very authentic way. Nobody is going to accuse Tom Boffin of being a train enthusiast just for the glory. Hilarious British humour comes from everyday irony rather than the obscene or exaggerated. 

What I have noticed now that I am older and working in the UK is that the people are still vibrant and hilarious but the brands and companies that form the marketplace lack that personality and authenticity.

I found the article below after listening to Amanda from Rooster Punk speak as part of a panel last week. The article captures much more effectively than I can what British brands need to be doing to be authentic.

I've highlighted here what I believe to be most important to that goal. Empower the vibrant, funny and valuable people within organisations and connect meaningfully with people inside and outside the company.

It's time for businesses to examine what Britishness means.

Employees: The best brands are built from the inside out, they are people powered and when your employees are trusted to be the front-line of your brand then great things can happen.


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