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Tips on GDPR and Consent Tactics from Manchester United

Thinking up ways to get your clients to consent to your content is a priority for most companies at present.

First and foremost delivering high value, timely, relevant and expert content to your clients is vital. If you don’t have this in place the chances of clients ignoring the request and not opting in is high.

Manchester United are doing a few things that can certainly be replicated in B2B:

1. Timing - reminding your fans (clients) to opt in at a moment that they are happy with you. Perhaps after an event or conversation.

2. Incentives - Man Utd are offering entry to a prize draw for those that subscribe. Whilst football shirts might not cut it for B2B additional services/product to your clients could incentivise. 

3. Producing Content that Resonates - scoring goals and climbing up the premiership table certainly ticks the box. For your B2B organisation this is most likely going to be content that answers business problems, produced and communicated by experts who your audience trust/do business with.

It will be interesting to see how the clubs not performing so well will approach this! 


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