Business-to-Business transactions are predominantly conducted between people and more often when two experts form a trusted relationship, making networking key. 

To compliment Tim's approach  (I recommend watching the video below) and how you need multiple touch points to create a trusted relationship I would advocate using digital content to continue the process. 

Digital content allows you to stay forefront of mind remotely and also makes it easy for your network to recommend you since they have a tangible resource.  

So when building your network consider doing the following after you physically meet:

  1. Connect on digital networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing etc) and store their details (Phonebook, CRM, Twitter List, LinkedIn Navigator etc)
  2. Research their digital footprint and look for content they endorse (what they share/like)
  3. Create content that resonates with your new connections from the initial conversation and share it to the digital networks you connected on
  4. Going forward begin to produce content that resonates with their interests through additional interactions or their digital footprint
  5. If you are looking to extend this network begin to look at who else is interacting on their digital networks, perhaps who like/share your connections content. These are indicators of who else to begin networking with
  6. Pending your appetite add your new connections to your corporate or personal newsletter

The above is a great way for sales and marketing teams to profile an account too and explore who you need to be involving in your selling process. 

I must also give Tim's new book a plug Tribe of Mentors that interviews 140 successful professionals through 11 questions. Great to dip in and out of pending your personal interest and can help build a positive approach for your own business/life.