We recently attended Lewis Silkin's Advertising & Marketing Annual Review, hosted by Brinsley Dresden and Jo Farmer. It was a fantastic round-up of the key topics and changes seen in 2017 and a look forward to what we expect to see this year.

A huge amount of effort goes into the preparation, running and evaluation of events, with the follow-ups being key to measuring your ROI. While the subject matter experts are those usually in the spotlight during the event, more often than not it falls to sales and marketing to bring in leads and generate revenue post-event.

The small steps made by Brinsley, Jo and the marketing team around this event, gave us the attendees a much more memorable experience than others we have visited. There were a few things that made it for us:

Pre-event content - The team created some short and digestible posts and articles in the lead up to the event. They used real case studies and added their own insight, explaining relevant aspects of advertising law along the way. 

During the event - The major topics and themes were the focus of the event and linked back to the content they had already written. 

Post-event - Instead of the normal plug at the end of the event with the sole purpose being to capture data, Lewis Silkin added more value to our attendance by providing us with key pieces of content to round up every macro topic that was discussed. It showed a real commitment to the attendees and left us with an extremely positive view of the firm.

You can take a look at their content here.