When creating content (writing posts) it's important to have a well thought out approach to control and governance of your online content.  

Not only do you want to avoid making any career-limiting mistakes or simply easily avoidable typos - you want to be confident that your post can be shared with confidence.  More importantly, you want those who could share your post to have no reason to worry about doing so.

With that in mind, my advice is to make sure you are not the only person who sees what you have written before it goes live.  If you are doing it right your post will reach the most important people in your business world - your clients, your prospects and your colleagues.  It also helps get over imposter syndrome (see these posts)

Here at Passle our Head of Marketing Sam will check this post before it is made live (so any typos or grammar are down to him :) 

It is, of course, a good idea to write down an editorial policy.  If your company does not have one create one for yourself.  It does not need to be complicated.  Make sure everyone knows what it says.

Here at Passle, our editorial policy is very simple: 

  • Focus on the world of Expert to Expert Marketing and Sales
  • Rarely talk about Passle tech (no one likes sales pitches)
  • All content is to be broadly complimentary - it is better to say nothing if there is nothing positive to say
  • Write like you speak
  • Be deliberate in your posting - create posts aimed specifically at your audience obvious but worth remembering
  • Be sure to reference credible and reliable sources and always attribute any 3rd party info