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Zuckerberg on GDPR

It's fair to say that Zuck and Co have had a rough time of it of late with regards to the data and privacy discussion. Not without good reason might I add.

It's intriguing to see that FB will be enacting their GDPR compliance changes globally, even to markets beyond those that GDPR mandates. That said, I believe Zuck's exact words were that FB “...intends to make all the same controls available everywhere, not just in Europe”  - so whether these changes are optional or mandatory remains to be seen.

Call me skeptical but I'd be very shocked if, come May 25th, I log onto Facebook / Instagram and am met with an opportunity to (i) 'be forgotten', or (ii) actively consent to having my data mined because it'll to help make my voting decisions and encourage me to buy products I don't want.

Mark Zuckerberg refuted a Reuters story yesterday that said Facebook would not bring Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation privacy safeguards around the world. “Overall I think regulations like this are very positive” Zuckerberg said on a conference call with reporters today. “We intend to make all the same controls available everywhere, not just in Europe.” Zuckerberg noted that “Is it going to be exactly the same format? Probably not. We’ll need to figure out what makes sense in different markets with different laws in different places. But let me repeat this, we’re going to make all the same controls and settings available everywhere, not just in Europe.”


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