Tim Hughes makes a really good point in his post below; many of our models by which we run our businesses are not reviewed at anything approaching the rate of change there is in the world around us. 

The post uses the example of the music industry and the endless series of mainly unwanted changes that have forced it through several well-publicised revolutions. 

When it comes to marketing, change has similarly been driven into most models; however, sales are still surprisingly analogue. Many of our clients (often technology vendors themselves) have Sales teams who work from an address-book and on a phone with only a CRM as a truly modern technology to help them. Sure, the address-book may be digital and the phone may be smart but the point remains. 

Tim recommends looking at your system to establish what cannot respond to change as the world continues to flatten and digitise, the notoriously difficult interface between Sales and Marketing is a good place to look.