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Why Sales People need to Build their Online Presence

Tony Tarquini is one of those rare sales people and business leaders who has invested time in building a strong online profile by writing regular insights about his area of specialism.

At a recent event I saw him speak at, he stressed why this enhanced profile and engagement in the content marketing strategy of a business is now hugely important to sales people and not just "Subject Matter Experts".

He explained how sales people have to build trust and credibility and that when someone decides to invest in a product or service, that the salesperson is not just going to grab their commission and run when things start to go bad.  People want to be able to get in touch with that original point of contact i.e. the sales person.  He explained that with large scale purchases, jobs are on the line and so the buyer needs complete and utter trust with the salesperson. 

Sales people have to start to build their online profiles.  As that first touch-point with any potential new client: expertise, credibility and trust has to shine through the sales people in your business.

What companies and senior leaders within those companies should be doing to build their reputation as a recognised authority


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