I came across 'Airheads' after speaking with a senior marketer at HPE recently. 

It came up in an account based marketing conversation by way of demonstrating that HPE's audience want human interactions from the authentic experts at HPE. 

Launched back in 2012 it was possibly ahead of its time given research from firms like Forrester, LinkedIn, Edelman and BCG still now only just being launched to demonstrate that this style of human-to-human communication is increasingly valuable in b2b sales and marketing. 

In my view this type of site and content works because:

  • Highly expert and sourced from the subject matter expert
  • Available to the wider aruba and HPE firm, particularly sales, to share directly to their audience when it matters with added context
  • Buyers trust their peers and want to see shared experiences
  • Buyers search the internet to seek guidance and content that does not directly sell product features will be far more consultative and therefore well received
  • Blog content is digestible which is a key required for busy buyers
  • This content helps sales with the mutual touch points required to contact, qualify and close business

In addition, a savvy sales person could also leverage this platform to request specific content and 'close the loop' with their team of experts and marketers when focusing on specific accounts.