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Going viral - it's more than just slapping on a meme

I came across a post the other day from Robert Derow of Boston Consulting Group's Digital Ventures team. It talks about the concept of a meme - essentially a living idea - and the potential for viral reach. 

The interesting concept about a meme is that the creator of the meme is almost completely forgotten. The idea itself and the messenger take the spotlight. Being involved in the idea in an authentic way that shows you understand, that's what becomes the important point. 

We see a lot of firms struggling in their marketing for the original, the unique. Memes perhaps suggest that being relevant, timely, digestible and adding to a discussion is not only easier - but more effective in communicating with the market. 

It falls in line with what we heard here from Angus Heslop, Strategic Marketing Manager at Deloitte; when he talked about B2B firms being guilty of a one-way conversation with the market.

"A two-way conversation is far more authentic - you are demonstrating that you are in the market, you are in the debate and you are timely when it comes to the latest developments."Angus Heslop, Strategic Marketing Manager, Deloitte UK

Memes have become ubiquitous; as long as there is culture, there will be memes. It’s natural for marketers to incorporate them in their advertising, but just slapping a meme in your commercial isn’t “going viral,” it’s just acknowledging the culture. Brands that seek to understand memes and the underlying factors behind them will be more effective in harnessing their viral power.


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