A couple of weeks ago Amy from Tribal Impact wrote a great blog on why it is key for your employees to create their own content.  In summary, it is all about the fact that we trust people we know far more than the companies they work for therefore clients and prospects will be attracted to your content if it is authentic and in your voice more than content created by your 'firm's' voice.

Here are Amy's 7 reasons why employee generated content will boost growth:

  1. Employee generated content supports your inbound marketing strategy  
  2. Instantly filling gaps in your editorial calendar with content
  3. Activating the authentic employee voice 
  4. Engaging and showcasing your employee influencers
  5. Improving employee engagement
  6. Attracting top talent to your organisation
  7. Supporting employee advocacy in your organisation

I would add the 8th reason. Content created specifically and deliberately for individuals you'd like to influence is more likely to resonate and drive relationships, deals and growth.