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10 "marketing speak" terms to axe from your content

In my career, I’ve definitely been guilty at times of writing a lot of complicated things but saying very little.

I still cringe every time I see marketing speak. When you’re writing on a subject you don’t know well it takes a lot of discipline to avoid using meaningless terms that don't really say anything at all. Using language like this even hides the real meaning of what you are writing.

Here's a tongue in cheek translation guide to help you understand what marketers are really trying to say.

Marketing Speak

Sam's Translation

“leverage technology”

use software

“generate efficiencies”

save time

“innovative solutions”

it's better now

“significant competitive advantage”

you'll improve

“comprehensive solution suite”

it does lots of things

“leading provider”

not the best, maybe top 5

“establish aesthetics”

change the way it looks

“enhanced redesign”

it looks different now

“optimize user interaction“

it's easy to use

   “faster, adaptable and comprehensive experience”   

it’s really easy to use

“supporting process improvement”


**These are very real. I found these all in one press release (I won't name and shame). 


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