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How to write your own comeback story: Picking up your pen after some time out of the office

Who doesn't love the tale of a good comeback story?

Well, unfortunately a lot of people returning from annual leave. 

Established habits can be obliterated when returning from a break in the Sun, staycation, or time away from the office. 

Whilst the opportunity to unwind has a significant impact on both job satisfaction and productivity,its hard to get back into your routine.  The first few weeks back is often when I find it most difficult to restore well-formed habits, including writing content. 

This is reflected across the Passle network with posts created slightly down quarter-over-quarter (-6.2%), August/September compared to May/June. 

MIND charity provide some helpful suggestions for hitting the ground running when you get back into the office after time off - find their tips linked here.  In particular, it is essential that you set yourself goals and define time to make them a priority.  

Moreover, embedding content creation within your existing processes will streamline the exercise.  For example, when I meet with a client I will listen out to their key challenges and use my content as a way of addressing their issues (thus this post). 

I make sure to nurture my key stakeholder conversations by using content as a way of demonstrating my expertise.  In doing so, I position myself (hopefully) as a trusted advisor to my key contacts. 

Additionally, if you can find inspiration from other sources and draw analogies between your profession and what's occurring in the world then this will make your content more relatable.  

The inspiration for this particular post came as I was reading about Tiger Woods' remarkable comeback and PGA Tour win ahead of the Ryder Cup.  Look forward to the weekend ahead! 

And then there he was on Sunday at East Lake in Atlanta, coming down the 18th fairway about to win the Tour Championship with thousands of the faithful stampeding in his wake, dressed in the victory red of old, coming home like some sporting saviour, back from the dead, indomitable once again.


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