Anyone can actually do ABM (and most people already do!) because it involves turning your marketing efforts on their heads - less broadcast and more two-way conversation - and stopping to think, 'What is important to this account and how can we add more value to their lives and the lives of their customers?' It doesn't require a truck load of cash or industry expertise, it just requires a bit of time and some well-placed attention.

Here are 4 easy things you can do today: 

1. Send a decent book recommendation: having 4-5 decent books which you can recommend to customers is a nice way of showing your wisdom, that you are proactively seeking to learn about the world which affects you both and it might even make their morning commute a bit more interesting. 

2. Handwritten notes: Accompanying your books, to recognise any decent milestones in your relationship (maybe a contract renewal, thank you, birthday, the birth of their child etc.) with a short note is a very nice touch. It costs about £2 and you can guarantee your physical note will stand out much more than any digital text. 

3. Invites to non-business events: We just took a few clients to the rugby here at Passle. This was obviously a big effort, but inviting your contacts for a coffee/lunch/drink is a lovely way to start building long-term relationships with your most important customers.

4. Take an active interest in them as individuals rather than as a revenue source: All of the above are made possible by (truly) adopting a client-first approach. If you actually care about the customer, then it will show and these little acts of kindness and attentiveness will become second-nature. 

All of these events, efforts and initiatives are ultimately there to create a human connection, a little spark that makes you stand out and makes the recipient think, "Ah, they're a decent bunch and they do actually get what I'm trying to achieve here."

And the best bit? You don't have to spend millions of quid to do this!