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Sometimes the smallest voice packs the biggest punch

I stumbled across this update on LinkedIn and it really struck a chord with me. Every day I talk with experts who are keen to get their voice heard.  Often they are not the loudest, but they are often the brightest.  

What's important to remember is that your business is full of brilliant minds - as you will have seen from other posts like this one your experts are often those who are trusted the most externally.  Importantly, all these people work and communicate in their own unique way. 

So remember when holding a discussion or finding a solution to a problem, the loudest voice may not be the smartest. As a Manager or Colleague, try to help empower your colleagues to voice their thoughts and opinions confidently, knowing that they will be heard no matter how high or low the decibel meter reads!

So many organisations have a default extrovert culture where if you’re not working out loud but reflecting on what’s been said in meetings,workshops,calls then the quietness is seen as a negative. How do we create an environment where all can thrive not just the loudest?


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