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How to drive successful sector marketing - Baker Botts LLP and Acritas

Elizabeth Duffy (Acritas) and Gillian Ward (Baker Botts LLP) lead an engaging session exploring how to build a successful sector strategy. 

Gillian ran through how Baker Botts have conducted a successful sector marketing approach with their Energy sector and here are some of the key activities that are worth considering:

  • Energy sector committees
  • Energy editorial committees, 
  • Award submissions and promotion, 
  • Key account program, 
  • Annual Baker Institute energy symposium, 
  • World gas conference (Major sponsor), 
  • Board of sector forum, Houston & Dallas,
  • Baker Botts international oil & gas schools 
  • energy hub 

There is no doubt that for this to be successful the engagement of the lawyers is vital and as Gillian and Elizabeth stressed, a strong leader is key. To drive a successful change in any firm that follows a distributed leadership model, feedback to the lawyers is key so they can see that ultimately their efforts are driving business growth. 


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