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Struggling for consistency with writing content? Give yourself a trigger.

Last night I was talking with one of our Passle users, a really nice guy called Tom Frearsome, who also helps us with our fitness and wellbeing as a company.

Tom had a familiar story about creating content, one that's quite common among experts trying to show their knowledge. In his own words, once he’s in the groove and has momentum creating content, it's easy and he can write a lot of content really easily.

But when he loses that momentum or falls out of the groove, it's hard to get it back and he can go weeks without creating content.

One technique to increase consistency and get back to writing content after a break that we use Passle is a trigger. A trigger is a simple reminder or prompt to write content.

A trigger can be anything really, here are some examples of some of our triggers here at Passle;

Hearing the same challenge twice from your network

For Freddy, one of our Client Success Managers, his trigger is that when he hears the same challenge from a customer twice - there is probably a wider need among his clients for some insight into how to deal with that. A trigger can be as simple as that, instead of being frustrated at repeating the same advice all the time, Freddy can take the time to produce high quality, well thought out, evergreen content that is really useful to the people that matter to him.

An industry development or trend

For myself, I try to stay on top of industry news and events. My trigger is when I see an article or go to an event that sparks some inspiration. Commenting on something is a lot easier than starting from scratch and putting my spin on an industry trend is a good way of adopting some of the authority of the original article.

Supporting your colleagues

For our marketing manager Sam, the trigger is a pain point from someone else in the company. If he hears an easily dealt with objection in the sales meeting or a challenge clients are facing with the platform. He’ll write something to support sales and client success. As a marketer himself, he understands the challenges our clients face.

Whatever your trigger is, make sure it is relevant to helping the people that are growing your company and something that helps you fulfil your role. Otherwise, your trigger will just be like another reminder that gets ignored.


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