I had the honour of attending one of our newest clients (Carbon Law Partners ) 5th birthday event yesterday down in Bristol.  It was a great day celebrating success, growth and of course empowerment.  In fact, the mission statement set by CEO Michael Burne is 'To create and develop conditions for exceptional people to flourish'.  It was very refreshing to see a real diversity amongst the lawyers present many of which have fully embraced a new model for law  whilst ultimately sticking two fingers up at the more traditional, and in Michael's words, 'broken' world that they have left.

What are the numbers all about then?  Well, they are the numbers that bind and define what Carbon Law Partners are all about:

1 Mission statement 'To create and develop conditions for exceptional people to flourish'

3 Core values (Being Astute, Being Candid, and Being Enterprising)

4 Beliefs (Quality Assurance, Stakeholder Value, Partner Practice Value & People Development)

7 Qualities (Client Obsession, Delivering Results, Commercial Acumen, Passion for Learning, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Insistence On High Standards, Collaboration and Earning Trust)

The numbers and what they stand for are working.  Carbon Law Partners has doubled in growth in the last year in terms of partners joining and they now cover 21 practice areas.  

Carbon is, of course, the element that all life on earth depends upon and if Michael and partners continue to join the dots, their rapidly expanding client base will be saying much the same.