I wholeheartedly agree with this excellent article on the Law Gazette looking at the key elements of a law firm website. The experts quoted in the article, Emma Ahmed of Hill Dickinson, Ben Le Foe of the Law Society and Martyn Morrish of Forsters make a raft of related points around the importance of simple messaging, the user journey & site speed, the avoidance of design over ease-of-use and, finally, the key role of content that speaks to and engages the audience. 

Each of these facets feed the whole knotty field of Search Engine Optimisation. While there was, perhaps, a time when elaborate ruses to spoof Google would work, as the article makes clear those days are long gone. Google is focused on fresh, quality content with an excellent user interface particularly around accessibility - for the partially sighted, for example. 

For a really useful tool to see how your site is performing, see Google's Web.Dev site. This will tell you how your site is performing from a technical stand-point.