Recently I recruited a new member of my team.  We were successful - Jessica is now part of the Client Success Team.  One of the reasons Jessica joined our team rather than going somewhere else was due to the content she was able to view online.  It made a difference to her decision. 

I shared the video below which states that recruitment has become marketing. This is absolutely true.  Like you our search for the best talent is a massive priority.  It is a constant challenge and one which the content you create can have a material difference.

I asked Jessica what she checked out before coming to our interviews and it was our website, our blog, out YouTube channel and us personally on LinkedIn.   These all shaped her experience of Passle and what it would be like to work here.  All influenced her decision.

We were helped with recruitment by the excellent Rahat Choudhury from Aspire.  For him we created this podcast where one of the existing members of our team - Sarah - was interviewed.  This podcast focused on her experience at Passle.  Nothing could be more authentic and it was recorded and edited in house in 25 mins.  It lasts just 5 minutes.  This podcast was specifically created to help Rahat introduce Passle to potential candidates.  He found it extremely helpful.

Recently a couple of our clients have started creating blogs specifically talking about what it is like to work at their firms.  This is firmly aimed at future employees.  

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