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Photos and commentary from Rainmaker 2019

Last week Passle hosted its yearly event, Rainmaker: the Expert-to-Expert Sales & Marketing Conference that focuses on thought leadership. This year, Rainmaker 19 looked at how organisations have embraced Distributed Leadership as an opportunity to drive growth through empowering leaders, promoting inclusiveness and fostering diversity.

Yet again, it's been a huge success and here is some photographic evidence, along with a collation of the fantastic coverage of the event and its wonderful speakers and delegates.

Firstly, an overview of Rainmaker 19 by Passle's Marketing Lead, Sam Page.

Our first speaker of the afternoon was Helen Bevan, NHS Horizons Chief Transformation Officer, talking about leading large-scale change in the country's largest and most complex organisation.

Posts covering her presentation included:

Enabling Change and Change Leaders - a narrative of the talk Helen Bevan gave at the Rainmaker 19 on 27th June 2019 (written by Helen).

Two power structures coexist in large organisations by Adam Elgar, Co-Founder at Passle.

#Rainmaker2019 - Becoming Leaders of Change by Jessica Bromley, Passle.

Next, we had Katie Nagy De Nagybaczon, Partner from CMS talking about the importance of Diversity and Inclusion.

Posts covering her presentation included:

Being accountable to Inclusion and Diversity by Zarah Mowhabuth, Communications and Social Media Officer at NHS Horizons.                       

Diverse teams are strong teams - what are you doing? by Sarah Strachan at Passle.

Our third presenter of the afternoon was Andy West, Group Chief Development Officer at global communications firm Hotwire, talking about driving ROI from your Rainmakers and Distributed Leadership.

Posts covering his presentation included:

Andy West of Hotwire - the changing public face of the firm by Sam Page, Passle.

And our final speaker of the day was Ben Ryan, who coached the Fiji Sevens Rugby team to Olympic glory, and who talked about Distributed Leadership in a sporting capacity.

Posts covering his presentation included:

What your Business can Learn from the Coach of Fiji's Olympic Gold Medal Winning Rugby 7's Team by our CMO at Passle, Connor Kinnear.

Grey can kill when it comes to business by Will Eke, SVP Sales at Passle.

And lastly, some concluding thoughts from David Costa, CEO at everis UK.


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