It can be a big challenge to introduce an employee advocacy programme to your organisation, especially for the Marketing and Communications team . 

The first step is helping employees to understand the "why?" i.e what's in it for them? The great thing is that employee advocacy fosters a symbiotic relationship between employees and organisations - when done right, both parties benefit. At a recent PSMG event Marie Armstrong- Herbert (Senior Communications Manager at Morrisons & Foerster) described this almost like a deal "We will will help you to build your personal profile and provide you with personal development opportunities, and as a result this will help to raise the profile of the firm".

A clear win for everyone involved!

The next step is to make sure individuals are involved in the content creation process. Experts are far more likely to share content that they or their peers have been involved in creating - as it's from a trusted source and aligns with their personal brand. A simple way to do this is to get the experts in your organisation to provide commentary on any articles they share - let their expertise shine!