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Avoiding Obscurity: Why to Brand Yourself Like a Marvel Avenger

I found unexpected enjoyment scrolling through the list of 'The 20 Most Obscure Superheroes'. It turns out Arm-Fall-Off Boy is an actual 'Legion of Super-Heroes' character. His power was quite literally as described on the tin, he could detach his arms and use them as a weapon - very handy indeed (dreadful pun intended!). 

So why should you care about the most obscure superheroes?

Well, as professional services firms innovate, they look for new ways to add client value and differentiate themselves from their peers within the market. Whilst you might boast bountifully-knowledgable experts who can outthink competitors offering similar services, unless you are able to demonstrate this expertise (and do so on a regular basis), you could potentially fall into the obscurity trap of becoming the next Arm-Fall-Off Boy!

If the knowledge within the heads of your experts forms part of your competitive advantage, it is important to establish and grow the brands of your individuals, not just the firm. 

The sum of the superhero group The Avengers is only as good as the individual parts (Ironman, Thor, Hulk, etc) coming together. By enabling your experts to build their personal brand, you are empowering the whole team to achieve success - and who knows, maybe even save the world! 

The risk of not doing this is that your clients will instead lean on the knowledge of your competitors - who will then be shaping their conversations and needs.

If you want to help your experts become the go-to trusted advisors in their field, then you must consider how you can develop their personal brand as leaders within their markets.

But for every headliner who leads a long-running series like a Batman or a Spider-Man, there are numerous second-, third- and fourth-string do-gooders who don't hit it big -- or who had their moment in the sun and, when it was over, faded into comics limbo.


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