I had the pleasure of sitting with a prominent technology lawyer last week who explained to me that he had a handful of key clients (funds and tech companies) that he would love to nurture with a 'go-to' tech newsletter comprising of expertise from his team. 

It got me thinking about the newsletters I religiously read:

  • Fintech Collective VC Newsletter
  • Cold Brew
  • Dr Rangan Chatterjee
  • Andreessen Horowitz VC
  • The Lawyer

As a consumer of these, all contain relevant and timely insights from genuine experts. So that is all good for me, but how  or why do they keep posting?

This is where the feedback loop comes in.

Read the quote below on what a feedback loop comprises, then apply this to a newsletter:

  • Evidence: Your experts see that their content is read and preferably by who
  • Relevance: The readers are relevant to growing their business
  • Consequence: Possibility of opening up new business 
  • Action: Your experts post again

So I strongly believe that the key to a successful newsletter is to firstly make sure you choose a team of experts, select some technology that will deliver the feedback evidence and explain the steps to your experts.

One last thing, if you are worried that your experts might not know what to write about, just ask them what the last thing was that a client needed help with...