Connecting with your clients and adding value to a relationship begins with understanding what they need.

At Passle we advocate listening to your clients and prospects and using the insights gained from meetings, emails, and their social media presence to inform your thought leadership. Data from Lexology provides another interesting perspective on what readers of legal content are most interested in.

In the UK, Brexit, GDPR and the UK FCA dominated most popular tags this year across the Lexology archive of almost 900,000 posts. 

For US-based readers, GDPR the SEC and FTC garnered the most interest alongside EEOC and sexual harassment.

The most popular articles ranged broadly in topic from leadership to workplace wellbeing.

1. 7 Ways to be an Effective Leader — Even if it’s Not Your Job Yet (Association of Corporate Counsel)

2. How In-house Counsel Can Prevent Burnout (Association of Corporate Counsel)

3. Avoiding dirty tricks in contract negotiations (Herrington Carmichael LLP)

All in all, there were nearly 3.6 million total reads during the period. There's clearly a need for content and guidance for in house counsel. Reading the report and the most popular articles it strikes me that content for these types of readers should:

  • Help them provide value within the business in a general sense as well as in a specific legal capacity
  • Help the reader advance their career through interactions with the board, suppliers, staff and the wider business
  • Act as an early warning system of changes in legislation or best practice within the industry

Thanks to Lexology for publishing this data - hopefully we see more in the future.