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Good news stories week 9- Sorry I know it is late in the week.

Happy Friday everyone!  I know the good news is late this week but it is worth the wait as there are some real crackers below.

The first good news story is more of a round-up of some of the amazing artwork that has been spotted in local communities since the lockdown. Take a peek here at the talented work of many.

Boom time for bikes as virus changes lifestyles- cycle to work schemes have seen a 200% increase with shares increasing 23% in Halfords alone.  A lot of the demand has been created from those in the emergency services.  See the full article here

Amsterdam trials COVID-safe restaurant- a unique way to dine is being trialled and tested in restaurants in Amsterdam. It can only be described as eating in a mini greenhouse. See the full article here

Wild Horse rescued from bog-  a wild horse was found stuck in a bog in Alberta Canada.  It was rescued with a socially distanced team effort!  See the full article here

11-year-old lands worlds first skateboard 1080- degree turn- Gui Khury from Brazil celebrated the amazing triple turn with a bowl of mac and cheese.  See the full article here

Parents recreate Macdonald's drive-thru for 2 -year birthday treat- The most surprising fact about this story is that it wasn't in the US but in New Zealand!  The family installed their own drive-thru window and dressed up in uniform to fulfil their girls wish of a Macdonald's meal on her birthday. See the full article here

More good news from New Zealand- Super League Aotearoa is back in June- I promised i would add this in for our kiwi head of marketing and it means that the five Kiwi super league teams will play each other home and away in a 10-week tournament. See full article here

Quarantine reunites 160 former Disneyland cast members- 160 former cast members of Disneyland Paris who are now scattered all over the world and who hadn't performed together for 14 years, dusted off their dancing shoes to perform once again in lockdown.  See full article here

For the first time in history, US renewable energy use surpasses coal use every day for the entire month of April- Wind, Solar and hydropower generated more electricity than coal for 40 days in a row in the US.  To put in context, this was only achieved on 38 separate days in the whole of 2019!  See full article here

Kent family perform their own version of Les Mis-  a family in kent have taken it upon themselves to produce their own version of a Les Miserables song in their front room and it has gone viral.  To check out the brilliant rendition see here 

In other good news for my family, they finally got their way and shaved me down from 'Wilderness Will' back into normal Will again.

I also thought I would share one last piece of good news as I fixed our washing machine hence the picture below!  I pulled it out, took the back off, and then refitted the band on the back......then it broke again!  

I called the local washing machine handyman and he actually fixed it.  the tap and sink have however broken in our bathroom so I think I will have a crack at that this evening so watch out for next weeks good news stories.


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